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Wedding Planners in Raleigh, NC to Reschedule Your Big Day Stress-Free

Why You Need a Professional Wedding Planner Now More Than Ever

Whether you planned the entire wedding and had to cancel due to Coronavirus, or you just recently got engaged and haven’t started planning yet – there are wedding planners in Raleigh, NC to reschedule your big day stress-free. Skip the drama by putting one of the most important days of your life into the hands of a professional. Breaking down the budget, selecting vendors, scheduling meetings, answering emails and calls, and creating a timeline are just a few of the difficult tasks wedding planners will take right off your plate. In a time when work and family need your attention more than ever, hire a NC wedding planner who will help prepare you for happier days (curveballs included)! Keep scrolling for a breakdown of different types of wedding planners in Raleigh, NC and answers to frequently asked questions.

Types of Wedding Planners in Raleigh, NC 

Month-of wedding planning services (formerly known as “day-of”- but we’ve since vetoed that phrase) are focused on stepping in to run the wedding weekend. This includes managing the vendors, scheduling the timeline, and directing the flow of the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.  

Full service planners are more involved in the overall plans, and shaping the entire event. This is usually a longer term relationship – and ideally would even include venue tours, vendor selection, budgeting and management.

Wedding Design involves the artistic creation of the event aesthetic – every step of the way. So your early meetings might involve mood boards and sketches, your preferences, and the planner would work directly with the tactile vendors such as the stationer, florist and rental companies to create the overall look and feel.

Do you like the idea of just showing up at your wedding – without having to plan a single thing? You can, thanks to the new service by McLean Events. After an interview in which she learns about your relationship, values, and style preferences, you leave it in her hands. Then, just show up to your wedding, and be wowed!

Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding Planners in Raleigh, NC 

Q: My venue comes with a coordinator, so I don’t need a wedding planner, right?

A: Wrong! Almost without exception, the venue coordinator’s role is limited to details concerning the venue – such as managing the in-house food and beverage or coordinating arrivals and departures of off-site vendors. The day-of coordinator makes the wedding timeline run smoothly and flawlessly. But you’ll want a professional wedding planner who knows the best local vendors, and will organize and create your dream wedding design! So at the very least, you will still need a month-of planner. Click here for a list of our preferred Heart of NC wedding planners

Q: Real talk – what are the different price points?

A: Weekend coordination services average around $1,500 to $2,500 or so based on the planner’s experience, and time of year. Full-service wedding planning is usually a flat fee ranging between $6,000-12,000, or a flat fee plus a percentage of the overall budget. You’ll get the most value by hiring a planner before you do anything else, but even if you get into planning and realize you need help, it’s never too late to call in a pro. 

Doo you have more questions about wedding planners? Shoot us a quick email at – we’re happy to help!

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