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The Secret to Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have become one of the hottest trends over the last few years. This trend is easy to get on board with because it allows your girls to choose their dresses according to their budget, body type and personal style. After all, who doesn’t want their closest gals to feel their best on the Big Day?

Brides-to-be are becoming increasingly style-savvy when it comes to following this trend and pulling it off without a hitch, but if you happen to be on the fence about allowing your girls free reign when it comes to shopping, here are a few tips to achieve the look while still having a cohesive bridal party. After reading our tips, head over to some of our favorite bridesmaid dress shops in the Raleigh/Durham area!

1. Same Color, Different Shades

Neutrals, which are skyrocketing in popularity, are probably the easiest way to achieve this look. Choosing a color like tan, grey or brown will allow your girls to have tons of options but still look completely unified. Specify a length or a fabric, or mix and match for an edgier look. Helpful hint: It’s great to give your bridesmaids some paint swatches of colors in your palette so they have something to go on when they’re shopping for the perfect dress.


2. Same Color, Different Styles

You can go about this two ways: You can either choose a dress that comes in the same fabric and color (usually from the same designer) that comes in several styles — like a strapless version, a halter, or a high-neck — and let your girls pick which neckline flatters them the best. Or, you can choose the exact color or fabric (it’s best to give your bridesmaids samples!) and let them choose their own style.

3. Same Style, Different Colors

For brides that can’t quite let go of all control, this option allows you to choose a style of dress that you really love and then let your girls pick which color they like best! This prevents the bridal party — which usually ranges in skin type, body type, hair color, etc. – from having one color that may or may not flatter each member but still remaining uniform and recognizable.

4. Free Style

If you’re confident in your girls’ great sense of style, let them choose their own dress — style, hue, length and fabric! You can give them some loose guidelines about your wedding colors and the feel you’re aiming for, but other than that, trust them to make the right decisions! When pulled off correctly, I think this option produces the most amazing photographs.


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