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Pool Party Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

Splish Splash into Summer Wedding Fun with a Pool Party Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot with Your Best Friends by Barlow Boudoir in Raleigh, NC

It’s pool season ladies! And you know what that means. Time to swap those stiletto heels for a pair of flip flops, and your wedding veil for a big floppy sun hat. Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a pool party bridal boudoir photo shoot that is both fun and flirty. You may be thinking, “no way, boudoir is too scandalous!” But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Toss out that old image of lacy lingerie and garter straps you have of boudoir. Today, boudoir photos are all about being playful, cute, and even more shockingly – clothed! Check out this fabulous pool photo shoot of a bride and her best friends in Raleigh, North Carolina by Barlow Boudoir Photography!

Pool Party Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot Legs in Water Downtown Raleigh Skyline Barlow Boudoir

Modern Pool Party Bridal Boudoir Photos: Out with the Old, In with the New

Would you ever do a boudoir photo shoot?

Before you answer the question, take a look at this amazing Raleigh pool party bridal boudoir photo shoot by Barlow Boudoir. The reason boudoir photo shoots has surged back into popularity is because the new generation is taking the concept into their own hands – making it far more creative and fun. This group of Raleigh bridesmaids is obviously having the time of their lives. Smiling, giggling, and splashing around in bathing suits they feel beautiful and confident in. No thongs or g-straps necessary. Just an adorable, white, one-piece “WIFEY” bathing suit paired with matching black, one-piece, bridesmaids bathing suits. 

Pool Bridal Boudoir Party Wedding Bathing Suits Cheers Summer Cocktails in Raleigh Barlow Boudoir
Bride and Bridesmaids Pool Party Sexy Sassy Boudoir Photo Shoot Pink Cocktails Barlow Boudoir
Smiling Bride Wears White WIFEY One Piece Bathing Suit for Summer Wedding Boudoir Photo shoot Barlow Boudoir

Give Your Bridesmaids the Wedding Gift of a Boudoir Photo Shoot, an Unforgettable Memory

Another thing that has evolved with the bridal boudoir photo shoot is the why. Common thought with boudoir photos of yesterday was that they were “for” the groom; boudoir photos were gifted to him on the wedding day. That can certainly still be done – but today, the bridal boudoir photo shoot is more about empowerment and personal experience.

Gathering up all your best girl friends for a boudoir photo shoot is an amazing gift. Maybe you would rather have a bff photo shoot than a bachelorette party. What could be more fun than a photo shoot with your best friends? Coordinate your outfits and props, pick the location, and book the photographer today. Barlow Boudoir helped this group of Raleigh bridesmaids find summer inspired pool floats, flower crowns, and cocktail glasses for their pool party boudoir photo shoot.

Pineapple Float Fun and Flirty Bride and Bridesmaids Pink Cocktails Popping Champagne Boudoir Barlow
Popping Champagne Bottles at Pool Party Bridal Boudoir Shoot Raleigh Barlow
Legs Criss Crossed In the Air at Pool Party Boudoir Bride and Bridesmaids Downtown Raleigh Barlow Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir Party Photo Shoot Themes / Ideas for Summer Weddings 

Sunflower Field

Farmers Market

Beach Mermaids

Backyard Cookout

Ice Cream Sundae

Baseball Game Outing

Strawberry Picking

Pajama Party

Sunglasses on Sunset Pool Party Downtown Raleigh Bridal Boudoir Fierce Barlow Boudoir
Bridal Boudoir Bathing Suit Bottoms Sexy Sassy Pool Party Downtown Raleigh Barlow Boudoir Photo
Bridal Boudoir Squad Photo Shoot Pool Party Sunset Downtown Raleigh Barlow Boudoir photo
Bride with Champagne Sunset Rooftop Pool Party Downtown Raleigh Barlow Boudoir

Maybe for you, it is a confidence boost. Maybe your wedding workout routine has you in the best shape of your life and you want to document it. Or maybe you want some super sassy squad photos! Richard Barlow, the man behind Barlow Boudoir, has noted that the latest trend is the group boudoir photo shoot – including the entire bridal party. So don’t wait. Call up your girl friends and pick a date this summer for a fun bridal party boudoir photo shoot!

PS. we’ve seen some seriously fab male boudoir photo shoots too. So explore boudoir, as a celebration of YOU!

Read our special blog feature on The Power of Boudoir to get extra wedding inspiration!

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