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Two Brides Win in the Game of Love and Soccer

Breathtaking Barn of Chapel Hill Wedding Proves that Love Wins

If you have never been to a wedding with 16 bridesmaids before, that’s because you don’t know Paige and Kristine Falk. The two women met as friends and teammates on the East Chapel Hill high school soccer team, and fell in love years later when fate brought them back together. Located in their hometown, The Barn of Chapel Hill was the perfect wedding venue. The historic white barn with its natural wood beam ceiling and overflowing wildflowers stole Paige and Kristine’s hearts.

If only they could find a wedding planner with as much natural beauty and grace as their wedding venue… Thank God Cheryl-Anne Kast of Kast Events & Co arrived on the scene with expert wedding knowledge and experience! Kast Events & Co designed a charming color palette of white, pale greens, pinks, dusty blue, and gold accents to complement the spring blossoms surrounding the barn wedding venue.

“Cheryl-Anne Kast and her team are not only masters at making weddings beautiful and seamless, they are funny, caring, insightful, efficient, honest, extremely helpful and an absolute blast to work with,” raved the brides.

Female Powerhouse Bridal Party White and Carolina Blue Two Piece Dresses Spring Outdoor Countryside Gilded Bridal Gowns Photo Krystal Kast
Spring Wedding Invitation Suite in Pink Peony and Robin's Egg Blue Delicate and Feminine Design Photo Krystal Kast
Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings Surrounded by White Flower Petals Photo Krystal Kast

Swapping Soccer Cleats and Shinguards for Engagement Rings and Bridal Gowns

Kristine and Paige started out as friends and teammates on the East Chapel Hill High School Soccer team. Grueling practices in the hot NC sun, painful injuries, sweat, tears, and laughter created an unforgettable bond between the women’s soccer team. Every year the team reunited for a rowdy night of dinner, drinks, and sprints down memory lane at their favorite Chapel Hill restaurant, Top of the Hill. It was at one of these reunions that Kristine and Paige hit it off and never looked back.

Years later around Christmas time, Kristine decided it was time to pop the question. Kristine made a personalized book for Paige called, “I love you – My reasons why” as an extra special Christmas gift. She whisked Paige away from the family noise to give her the book alone on the patio. One by one family members joined the couple on the patio, stealing Kristine’s solo proposal spotlight! When Paige turned to the last page of the book she read those four little words, “Will you marry me?” The rest is history.      

After Kristine and Paige found their dream bridal gowns, they went on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. While trying on shoes the two got caught up in the moment and began dancing around in the closet while wearing their wedding dresses. One of the many reasons Kristine loves Paige is because they can get lost in the beautiful little moments together without realizing it,

“I only realized how ridiculous it was once I looked in the mirror and saw us laughing and swaying in our dresses. It was a really sweet and somewhat silly moment when we realized what we were doing. So many people thought it was crazy that we would see each others dresses, but I wouldn’t take back those moments for anything.”

Blonde Updo Wedding hair Design and Makeup For Two Brides Photo Krystal Kast
Rustic Barn Doors and Hanging Bridal Gowns Claire Pettibone Design from Gilded Bridal Barn of Chapel Hill Photo Krystal Kast
Beautiful Bridal Preparation Same Sex Wedding White Lace Silhouette Gown Gilded Bridal Photo Krystal Kast
Brides Reading Love Letters Same Sex Wedding in White Lace Silhouette Gowns Gilded Bridal Photo Krystal kast

Barn of Chapel Hill Wedding Day Preparation Kit: Parasols and Prosecco

Kristine and Paige felt that trying to avoid seeing each other before the wedding ceremony was way too stressful and not half as fun as getting ready together! The brides opted for a casual first look at their Barn of Chapel Hill wedding followed by popping the bubbly with all 16 bridesmaids. Kristine chose a Claire Pettibone design from Gilded Bridal that beautifully complemented Paige’s white lace silhouette bridal gown. The soccer gals wore gorgeous two piece dresses with silver grey skirts and white pearl tops.

Bouquets of white hydrangeas, pale pink peonies, fresh greenery, and wildflowers whispered countryside romance. The brides did not have to go far for their wedding bouquets, The Barn of Chapel Hill at Wild Flora Farm supplied all of their bridal blossoms. Kristine and Paige placed delicate flowers in their hair to match the mood of their country chic wedding, “We love the song by the Lumineers called “Flowers in Your Hair,” which we kept singing to each other once we had flowers in our hair.”

Vintage parasols served as unique bridal party photo props while also protecting guests from the harsh sunlight!

Fun and Unique Umbrella Bridal Party Pose White and Carolina Blue Dresses NC Springtime Wedding at The Barn of Chapel Hill Photo Krystal Kast
Fresh Green and White Garden Flower Bouquet Against White Lace Gown Gilded Bridal Springtime in NC Chapel Hill Photo Krystal Kast
Unique Umbrella Wedding Portrait of Two White Lace Brides Holding Fresh Green and White Bouquets in Front of White Rustic Barn Photo Krystal Kast
Natural Light Umbrella Wedding Portrait Photo in Front of Rustic White Barn of Chapel Hill Same Sex Wedding Photo Krystal Kast
Powerful Bridal Party Stroll in White Lace and Carolina Blue Holding Fresh Green and White Floral Bouquets Springtime in NC Photo Krystal Kast

Rustic and Romantic Wedding Ceremony at The Barn of Chapel Hill

Kristine and Paige chose to share their vows in front of two stunning barn doors at The Barn of Chapel Hill. The doors stood by as a meaningful symbol for opening the door to a new chapter of their lives together as a married couple. Their ceremony officiant, readers of original letters and poems, and ceremony musicians were all siblings, family, and close friends. Including family and friends in their wedding ceremony was especially important for Kristine and Paige, as they have all played roles in their life journey and story of love.

Pick a Seat Not a Side Same Sex Wedding Hand Painted Wooden Welcome Sign Outdoor Wedding The Barn of Chapel Hill Photo Krystal Kast
Welcome Sign Hand Painted Wooden with Fresh Green Wild Flora Farm Decor Photo Krystal Kast
Simple Delicate White and Pink Wedding Programs Paper Design Kast Events & Co springtime Wedding Photo Krystal Kast
Gorgeous Wide View Shot of Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Front of Rustic White Barn and Doors Same Sex Love Photo Krystal Kast
Happy Brides Say I Do in Outdoor Spring Wedding Ceremony Surrounded by Friends and Family
Raised Arms Cheer For Same Sex Wedding Ceremony and Newlywed Life in Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photo Krystal Kast
Lovely Spring Green Landscape for Bridal Wedding Portraits in White Lace Gowns in Chapel Hill NC Photo by Krystal Kast

Fairytale Wedding Reception Designed by Kast Events & Co

Following their wedding ceremony, Kristine and Paige invited their guests to take part in an outdoor cocktail hour on the lawn. Signature cocktails named after the brides dogs, Jack and Molly, added a fun personal detail to the cocktail treats! As guests shared delicious appetizers together on the lawn, Kast Events & Co put the final touches on the fairytale wedding reception inside The Barn of Chapel Hill. CE Rental supplied elegant gray clay salad and dinner plates stacked at each place setting with dusty blue napkins wrapped around them. There were low and lush flower arrangements at each table full of white hydrangeas and roses, pale pink peonies, greenery and wildflowers. Gold pillar candle sticks and tea lights were distributed throughout the tables that created a magical glow throughout the barn. Get Lit Event Lighting hung gold and geometric chandeliers from wooden ceiling beams to add a modern touch to the rustic barn wedding reception. Kristine and Paige were beyond happy with their wedding day festivities,

“A day of pure bliss and overwhelming love and laughter as we promised our lives to each other surrounded by our closest family and friends. We were humbled by how loved that day made us feel.”

The Barn of Chapel Hill Outdoor Lawn Cocktail Hour Magical Lights Springtime Landscape Photo Krystal Kast
Signature Cocktail Drinks With the Brides Puppy Dogs Personalized Photo Krystal Kast
Handsome Guest Smokes Cigar at Outdoor Cocktail Hour to Relax Photo Krystal Kast
Elegant White Green Pink Floral Centerpiece on Glass Table Surrounded by White Luxury Furniture Wedding Details Photo Krystal Kast
Gorgeous Birds Eye View of Wedding Reception with Wooden Barn Beams Magical Lighting and Blue Linens Photo Krystal Kast
Rustic Wooden Beams with Fresh Green Decor Create Gorgeous Wedding Reception with Blue Linens Photo Krystal Kast
Modern Geometric Gold Lighting Chandeliers with Fresh Green Decor Hanging from Rustic Wooden Barn Beams Photo by Krystal Kast
Wedding Reception with Modern Light Fixtures and Natural Light on Rustic Wooden Beams Photo Krystal Kast
First Dance Brides Same Sex Love Under Glowing Hoop Lantern Chandelier in Barn of Chapel Hill Wedding Reception Photo Krystal Kast
Black and White Dancing with Parents in Barn of Chapel Hill Wedding Reception Photo Krystal Kast
Sweetheart Table in Robin's Egg Linen Designed by Kast Events & Co with Flowers and Candles Photo Krystal Kast
Sweetheart Table Covered in Robin's Egg Linen and Fresh Green and White Flowers with Rustic Barn Decor Photo Krystal Kast
Grey Plate and Napkin with Rustic Barn wood Table and Green White and Pink Floral Candlelit Dinner Wedding Reception Photo Krystal Kast
Minimalist Modern White Wedding Cake Covered in Green and White Flower from Wild Flora Farm Barn of Chapel hill Wedding Reception Photo Krystal Kast
Fun Colorful Bright Donut Wall for Guests to Pick and Choose at Wedding Reception
Light Blue and White Sprinkle Donut Wall for Guests as Alternative Dessert at Wedding Reception Photo Krystal Kast
Candle Lit Dinner with Light Blue Linens and Fresh Garden Florals Photo Krystal Kast
Gorgeous Nighttime View of The Barn of Chapel Hill Wedding Reception with Twinkle Lights and Guests Photo Krystal Kast
Sparkler Exit Brides Share Kiss After Evening Wedding Reception at Barn of Chapel Hill Photo Krystal Kast

A classic sparkler exit following the Barn of Chapel Hill wedding ushered Kristine and Paige off toward their honeymoon adventure.

Today, Paige is the CEO of an organization called Extraordinary Ventures (EV) located in Chapel Hill, that helps small businesses to create employment opportunities for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities and Kristine is a cardiologist at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill.

Want to see more of Kast Events & Co’s incredible NC wedding designs? Check out this Chapel Hill wedding celebration at Rock Quarry Farm here.  

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