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Is A Private Home Wedding Right For Me?

How to Know if Planning a Private Home Wedding is Right for you

by Chelsey Morrison, Owner of NC Wedding Planning Company Gather Together LLC

If your family has a large home, farm, or even a big backyard, the thought may have crossed your mind to host your wedding at home! Private home weddings are our favorite, but is it a good fit for you? If all of the below apply, there’s no place like home for your wedding!

Invitation Suite with Private Home Wedding Watercolor Casey Rose Photography

Above, a custom invitation with a watercolor painting serves as a beautiful artistic memento for wedding guests at this private home wedding. Photo by Casey Rose Photography


If you agree with all of these statements, a Private Home Wedding is right for you

1. I’m willing to spend more than I would at a traditional venue.

Despite not having to pay a venue fee, you will assuredly spend more to turn your property into a “venue” in the matter of just a few days or weeks. Some of the costs involved could be…







Tables & Chairs

Climate Control

Parking Service

…just to bring your space to the equivalent of what a venue would offer.

On the positive side for your budget, however, your home may have personal items that add beauty and interest to the décor. Potted plants, arbors, garden statues, patio umbrellas, and furniture are just a few examples of things that can be used in the design of your private home wedding. Our motto at Gather Together is “work with what you have,” and we love to incorporate existing pieces into the design of your private home wedding.

2. I can completely trust my planner and team.

Our best events are those we plan for trusting clients. You may already have in mind a flow of events or a layout of the space – after all, you’ve surely hosted celebrations at home before! A wedding for hundreds of guests can pose increased challenges. We keep in mind not only the flow of the events, but also things like load-in, catering staging, sound projection, parking, weather plans, and more (an endless list!). This is why choosing a planner specializing in private home weddings is so important. Trust that your planner is there to create the beauty you envision without the headache.

Is a Private Home Wedding Right for Me, by Chelsey Morrison of Gather Together Riley MacLean Photography
Is a Private Home Wedding Right for Me with Gather Together NC planner Nancy Ray Photography
Cake Table Outside at a private home wedding in NC by Nancy Ray
Personal Details at a Private Home Wedding in NC by Gather Together Nancy Ray Photography
Tented Private Home Wedding with Hanging Greenery Chandeliers by Whitebox

3. I’m happy in any weather.

If you want to get married at home, you need to be as happy with the rain plan as you are with the sun plan. As planners specializing in private home weddings, we know the best possible ways to shift from outdoors to shelter and still create a beautiful setting, but the one thing we cannot plan is whether Mother Nature will cooperate. Wind, rain, snow, hurricanes (!) – we have seen it all. “Turns out not where, but who you’re with, that really matters” – Dave Matthews said it best, and if you agree, you’ll have just as much fun under a tent in the rain with the people you love.

4. I have heartfelt memories of this place.

There are few things more special than getting married in a garden where you played as a little girl. Think about all the special areas of the property and share the story behind them with your planner. If your sweetest memories are from past celebrations at home, there is no place like home for your wedding. Start your new family tree where your roots run deep.

Bride and Groom Pose after their Private Home Wedding in NC with planner Gather Together by Whitebox

Since 2010, Gather Together has designed and planned gracious celebrations for happy hosts. No matter the location or time frame, their event design and planning process is calm, creative, and guest-focused. A Gather Together event is delightfully beautiful, logistically perfect, and feels like an elegant family gathering. Specializing in private home weddings, outdoor, and tented events, custom is the Gather Together standard.

Chelsey is a past expert contributor to BRIDES, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and more. Gather Together is nationally published and awarded, including Triangle NACE Best Wedding and Best Event Design awards since 2012 and four years running. Gather Together is a proud partner of Southern Bride & Groom! Check out a shoot that she styled for SB&G that is inspired by a private home wedding – HERE!

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