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Brier Creek Country Club Bonus Blog of The Week

Love and Tradition, Chinese American Wedding at Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh, NC

One of the most beautiful things about weddings, is that they are all unique. Each wedding is an event that proudly showcases the bride or groom’s personality, hometown, culture, and traditions. Karen and Edward chose to let their Chinese American heritage shine at both their wedding ceremony and reception at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC. The light pink and white love affair was accentuated by gorgeous Chinese wedding traditions. Including a stunning traditional red Chinese wedding dress that Karen changed into at the wedding reception. 

On one fine Spring day, Karen and Edward’s family and friends gathered together to celebrate their love for each other, life, and adventure. The Country Club provided the perfect lush green backdrop, party rentals, day of coordinating, and on-site catering. The bride and groom were impressed by the friendly and professional service providers who went out of their way to make sure every wedding guest was happy. Keep scrolling to read and witness Karen and Edward’s true love story! 

Love, The Greatest Adventure of All 

If there was one word to describe Karen and Edward’s relationship, it would be adventurous. After catching each other’s eye online, Karen and Edward went on a first date that was anything but boring. They went to a new local Ethiopian restaurant and an Escape Room! While some people might view the challenges of an escape room as an intimidating first date situation, Karen and Edward saw it as a positive new experience. Little did they know, this was just the beginning of a lifetime of adventures together. Since that exciting first date, Karen and Edward have expanded their explorations of the world to cooking and traveling!  

Love, Fate, and The Perfect Wedding Venue

Ed knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life learning and trying new things with Karen. He planned on proposing while on a magical trip to Disney World, but alas, he could not wait! Karen said yes to Ed’s proposal in an intimate and emotional living room conversation. Off to Disney to celebrate! On the way, they randomly stopped by Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC. It was fate. While touring the wedding venue, the couple realized that it was the perfect match. Even better, it was available on the exact day they wanted to get married! Karen and her mom worked together to plan the entire event with light pink and white colors, and traditional Chinese wedding details.

Wedding Ring and Engagement Diamond on Stem of Pink Rose Flower Photos by Clay

First Look in a Pine Tree Forest at Brier Creek Country Club

Ed got a first glimpse of his gorgeous bride in the woodland landscape of the Country Club. Couples who plan their weddings at the Country Club do so because the Raleigh wedding venue has tons of natural landscape areas. Imagine taking your wedding portraits in any of these beautiful areas – on the lush green rolling golf course hills, beside the peaceful reflecting pond, or beneath the fresh pine tree forest limbs. 

Bride twirling ballgown wedding dress at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh NC Photo by Clay
Beautiful Bridal Portrait Wedding Dress and White Pink Roses at Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh NC Photos by Clay
First Look of Love Adoration Between Bride and Groom at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh NC Clay

Elegant Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Brier Creek Country Club

Karen and Edward could not have asked for better weather at their outdoor wedding ceremony. The sunlight filtered beautifully through the pine tree leaves and set the white and pink flower altar and chairs aglow. Karen glided down the wedding ceremony aisle on the arm of her father. With only one bridesmaid and one groomsmen, Karen and Edward’s wedding ceremony was especially intimate. The bride and groom shared their vows and took part in a special tree planting ceremony dedicated to growing and nurturing their relationship in a soil of love. Karen and Edward put an emphasis on honoring their family by giving pink roses to each of their parents. Here’s what they have to say about their Country Club wedding ceremony,

“It was such a surreal feeling seeing all of our loved ones from different chapters of our lives, all in one place.”

Father Walks Bride down Aisle of Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh NC Wedding Ceremony Photos by Clay
Wedding Ceremony Planting Tree of Love at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh NC Photos by Clay
First Kiss Bride and Groom at Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh NC Outdoor Spring Wedding Ceremony Photos by Clay

Wedding Portraits at Brier Creek Country Club

Following the wedding ceremony, Karen and Edward were whisked away to take more beautiful wedding portraits together on the Country Club’s estate. With bright blue skies and a verdant green landscape, the bride and groom looked resplendent. It’s impossible to not see the genuine love that Karen and Edward have for one another in these wedding portraits. 

Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait on Green Golf Course of Brier Creek Country Club Venue Raleigh, NC Photos by Clay

Pink and White Wedding Reception

Brier Creek Country Club’s event space is the perfect site for any elegant indoor wedding reception. Karen and Edward’s reception tables were covered in classic white linens and laid with pink napkins. Candles and fresh pink and white hydrangeas graced the center of each table. Wedding guests were guided to their tables by cherry blossom covered escort cards. Cherry blossoms are a beloved flower across many Asian cultures. If you look closely, you will notice that the table numbers include the corresponding Chinese characters.

Wedding details such as these are a meaningful form of self-expression and representation of family and culture. It’s important to find wedding venues such as this Country Club that appreciate and celebrate weddings from every culture. Karen and Edward incorporated more of their Chinese culture into their wedding cake design. Edible cherry blossoms climb up each tier of the wedding cake to meet with a Chinese symbol of “Double Happiness”.    

Red Gold White Wedding Cake Traditional Chinese Symbols of Happiness Cherry Blossoms Photos by Clay
Chinese Character Table Number Card with White Pink Flowers Wedding Reception decor Brier Creek Country Club Clay
White and Pink Linen Wedding Reception Table Decor with Chinese Table Number Brier Creek Country Club Clay
Bride and Groom Dancing at Chinese American Wedding Reception at Brier Creek Country Club Venue Raleigh, NC Clay
Chinese Symbol in Red on Mirror White and Pink Flowers Brier Creek Country Club Venue Raleigh NC photos by Clay

The Symbolism Behind Karen’s Red Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese wedding traditions are rooted in an ancient and layered history. Karen’s second wedding dress is not only beautiful, but steeped in symbolism! The bright red color of the traditional Chinese wedding dress represents good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Traditionally, brides in Southern China wear two-piece dresses called Qunqua or QunKwa (裙褂), that are elaborately adorned with gold dragon and phoenix. Karen chose to wear a white, western bridal gown as well as a red, Chinese bridal gown to pay homage to her history and ethnic identity. For Karen’s family, seeing her in a traditional red Chinese wedding dress was a very special moment.   

Traditional Red Chinese Wedding Dress at Reception Brier Creek Country Club Venue Raleigh NC Clay
Smiling Bride in Red and Gold Chinese Wedding Reception Dress Brier Creek Country Club Venue Raleigh NC Clay
Bride and Groom Cutting Cake Red Chinese Wedding Dress Traditional Symbols Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh NC Clay
Black and White Photo of Bride and Groom Kiss at Brier Creek Country Club Wedding Venue Raleigh NC Clay

We are so thankful that Karen and Edward chose to share their love story and the Country Club wedding with Southern Bride & Groom and you, our viewers! We wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventures. Bride Karen has some priceless advice to share,

“It’s never too early to start planning. As the day gets closer, there is so much to do, so anything you can do to plan early or think about ahead of time can only help!”

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