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7 Fashion Tips For Your Groom

Top 7 Groom Fashion Tips

Here at Heart of NC Weddings, we usually find ourselves focused on the bridal fashion. We wanted all the grooms out there to know you are not forgotten! With just a little effort, the groom and his groomsmen can become dapper dons…beware, they might even steal the show! Between fun patterns, unique tailoring, different fabrics and so much more – there are so many groom fashion tips out there for you to look out for to add some spice to your attire.

1. Different Shades of Color for Groom’s Fashion

Just as bridal attire has seen a surge in non-traditional colors, so has menswear. Grey is still super fashionable – light grey works year round, and darker charcoal variants for the cooler months. Navy is another popular color but other blues, like the brighter, bolder cobalt, and a new softer color called “wedgewood blue” are on the front line as well. Mixing these colors is a popular trend, such as a light grey suit with dark grey vest. Both Belk (suit in below image) and Bernard’s Formalwear carry an array of colors for you to choose from! 

2. Funky Fabrics and Patterns Make Great Groom’s Attire

Luxurious fabrics and patterns are not limited to women’s ready to wear fashion – your groom can make a statement by wearing a trendy fabric like velvet as a full suit, an accent blazer, or even just a bowtie. This bowtie, found at Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, adds a fun and unique touch to groom fashion.

Floral and floral brocade are also big on the runway and new TV shows. There may be a thin line here between cool and grandma’s couch but we’re open-minded. For spring, look for be lamé fabric, dot patterns, and lots of color. These edgier options aren’t available in many rentals, but can still be found at your rentals stores for retail purchase.

 3. Summertime Groom’s Fashion Tip

Long gone are the days of forcing men to sweat their way through a NC summer wedding. Light fabric choices are more mainstream today and no longer limited to linen, which is wrinkle-prone, and seersucker, which is still one of our faves but doesn’t necessarily float everyone’s boat. A more modern warm weather option for groom’s attire is chambray, a breathable cotton that has a textured, woven look. It is most common in shades of blue which has a hip denim appearance – but can be found in tan, gray and other colors too. Your rental store can help you out with these newer comfortable fabrics.

4. Tailored Fit Your Wedding Suit

Even though wide legged, big suit 90s fashion is considered to be ahead of the curve in some circles, there is no denying that a tailored skinny fit is the most flattering! “Everything is slim, slimmer, slimmest, now Ultra Slim! We will be adding skinny pants for most all styles this Spring and even a classic black tuxedo in Ultra Slim Fit with matching Ultra Slim trousers,” says Keith Smith, Operations Manager of Bernard’s Formalwear in Durham. Tailoring your suit to fit you personally is one of the biggest groom’s fashion tips we have!

5. Put Themed Cufflinks On Your Groom

The smallest touches are often the most personal. A monogrammed or themed cufflink is classic for the wedding day, never goes out of style, and serves as a cherished keepsake. Moon & Lola, a local NC company, has so many to choose from. Including these personalized North Carolina state outline cufflinks.

6. Cool Sneakers For a Cool Guy

Shoes are an area where men can let their personality shine. From classic colors in matte to fine leather to beautiful suede kicks to street sneakers, the shoe can seal the look together. If you’re looking for a groom’s fashion tip that will make you stand out without going too flash, this may be the direction you want to head.

7. Try Out-of-the-Box Boutonnieres

Work with your florist to add a special flair to the groom’s look. The pre-made boutonniere in a box is a new item. It gives you the ability to wear a flower on your lapel everyday if you want. They’ll be available in local formalwear stores this spring.

According to Keith, the groom fashion trend to distinguish himself from the other fellas in the wedding party has “never been stronger.” He continues, “For some it’s just a different tie or vest, others, a completely different style and color.”

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